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Handmade Pure Clay Gaiwan

Handmade Pure Clay Gaiwan

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🍃 Suitable for All Kinds of Tea

This Gaiwan is made of Chinese natural clay. The biggest advantage is that it is suitable for brewing any kind of tea. After brewing green tea, black tea can be brewed. The lid comes with filter holes of the right size, and the big mouth makes the tea leaves come out with clean water quickly.

☕ Convenient to Make Tea and Flexible Control

The opening of the lid of the bowl can be adjusted at will. As long as it is controlled flexibly, the opening can be large or small, which can insulate tea residue to a certain extent. It can also adjust the water temperature and strength by changing the method of water injection, which can be applied to different kinds of tea.

💪 Design and Craft Details of Natural Pottery

*Composition: The simple style consists of only the tea bowl and the lid.

*Capacity: 100ml / 3.5oz of tea bowl

*Material: Natural Clay

*Craft fine: By high temperature calcination to be high strength, meticulous and hard, to bear hot and cold water exchange, and not crack.

*Additional Instructions: Please note that the edge of lid cannot be 100% fit to cover the bowl, and there would be a certain gap between the two.

🍵 How to use it

Please place the pads of your thumb and middle finger on the very edge of the bowl, and at the same time, gently press the cap with your index finger. Please do not hold the cover bowl directly with your hand to avoid burns. In addition, when pouring tea, the lid buckles the edge of the tea bowl, and the reserved gap between them will be related to the speed of the water.

🎁 Great gift idea

It must be a very nice gift for tea lover, especially those who like to brew loose leaf tea or research Chinese gongfu tea. Proper drinking of tea is beneficial to health. Beautiful and functional gaiwan item can make tea affairs more efficient. It is very convenient to brewing tea for self-drinking or entertaining guests.

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