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Thickened Anti-Heat Glass Tea Cup, 260ml / 9.2oz

Thickened Anti-Heat Glass Tea Cup, 260ml / 9.2oz

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This item includes one glass cup in safe package.

Volume: 260ml / 9.2oz


High borosilicate glass is more heat resistant due to its lower coefficient of thermal expansion. In addition, the high borosilicate glass can be made thinner and lighter due to its high strength. These can make high borosilicate glass have higher light transmittance, more crystal clear and transparent, and better user experience. The performance of TEANAGOO brand tea glass is particularly stable, environmentally friendly and healthy, and no harmful substances are precipitated during normal drinking.


This item can be compatible with cold or hot drinks and used for various purposes such as ordinary personal drinking cups, juice cups, hot teacups, and coffee cups etc.. Therefore, it can be used in home and office. In addition, this glass cup is very easy to clean and does not retain odors.


Tea ceremony lovers would love this style of tea accessories as its practical and nice design matching all kinds of decoration in room. Single product purchase can be a good choice to replace tea accessories. If the same series of tea accessories are combined to form a tea set, it will also be a very good choice for gifts. With safe packaging, it can be a very nice gift idea for colleagues and friends who like to drink tea or study tea ceremony.


We provide good packing and 100% satisfaction sale guarantee for you. This tea accessory item would be packed well to ensure you receive in good condition and would not miss any important moment. Order now and be assured that this product item will live up to your expectations, guaranteed.

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